What blocsport offers

Do you run a bouldering gym and are looking for an easy way to hold competitions digitally? Then you've come to the right place!

blocsport offers the solution to problems that have already been solved: time-consuming registrations and evaluations with pen and paper are a thing of the past. So you can concentrate fully on creating exciting problems on the bouldering wall.

Give your participants an easy-to-use platform to enter their boulders and try out blocsport without obligation.

If you're still not convinced, read about the features here.

Would you like to try out blocsport?
Create your competition now!

Create your gym without obligation and create as many competitions as you like. A payment is only required if the competition is to be open to the public.


Registrations are processed automatically. You set the registration period and participation limits. Participants can register for your competition in no time at all. If you want to require an additional check-in on site, the participation overview will help you to check people in or register them for your competition.

Payment handling

If you would like to charge an entry fee for your competition, participants can pay this conveniently via PayPal when registering for the competition. All you need to do is enter your PayPal account in your hall account and the entry fee will be paid directly into your PayPal account.

Multiple categories

Each competition can have an unlimited number of categories. Boulder and entry fee can be defined individually for categories. In addition, you can set that the boulder rating is calculated individually for each category or for all categories together if the rating is to be calculated automatically based on the ascents.

Smartphone-compatible ticklist

No app required! The ticklist is simple and easy to understand and works good on mobile devices and with chalky fingers. It displays each boulder with its number and hold color and optional tape or difficulty.

Live ranking and finals

The competition ranking list is updated with every entered ascent. In addition to the regular ranking list, there is also an optional final ranking list. This can be provided with data by a team member using an easy-to-use form. The final ranking list is ideal for informing your spectators about the current state of play - especially if it is projected onto the final boulder via a projector.

The final form used to populate the finals ranking
The final ranking as displayed on the contest ranking page
Boulder values
Choose whether the boulders should have a fixed static value or whether their value depends on the number of ascents. In both cases, you can activate additional ascent variants such as Flash or Bonus.
Contest Series
Several competitions - even across different gyms - can be combined into a competition series to create an overall ranking list.
Setting Contests
You can not only organize regular bouldering competitions, but also have the best boulders chosen by the participants in a bolting competition.


For non-profit initiatives only. No commercial contests.
  • All features available
    Contests will be non-public
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179 €
per year

If you're organizing more than 2 contests a year (i.e. a series) and want to support blocsport.
  • Unlimited contests
  • All features available
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Single price

72 €
per contest

Ideal for 1–2 contests per year.
  • One contest
  • All features available
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