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This is where you can sign up to blocsport.net as a gym and create your first contest. This is free! Take your time, look around and test blocsport. You'll only have to pay before you set your contest public.

As a first step, let's create your gym!

If you just want to take part in one of the contests, go to the contest list instead.

Your account

Your personal email to log into your user account. It can be the same as the gym's email (it doesn't have to be).

Please choose the name for your personal account - not your gym's or company's name. You will be able to give access to your team later.

Your gym

The name of your gym as it appears on the website next to the name of your contest.

Your company name as it should appear on invoices.

The email address will be shown on each of your competition pages to allow users to contact you.


The address of your gym will be used to display a map and directions for your particpants. A dedicated billing address can be added later.